The Road
Jess Traveled


red roan horse with white socks

The messy and triumphant story of my heart horse, Ladybug. From lameness and colic episodes to breeding her – and all the love in between.

The Little Red Mare Who Showed Me the World

Smiling girl stands next to her bay horse with a white stripe on her face in a dark barn isle.

This cowgirl had a mission to rescue the race horses her grandparents raised and now she is embarking on a quest to give them new jobs off the track.

Against All Odds: The Cowgirl Chronicles

Polo player rides away on her bay polo horse in a polo field with a mallet in hand

She was new to the industry, but didn’t let that hinder her efforts to become a full-blown horse girl. This is the story of a cowgirl showing up and putting in the work to pursue her passion.

Braving the New: The Cowgirl Chronicles

Bay Thoroughbred horse stands in front of an architectural barn design

Photogenic horse at an iconic barn designed by one of my favorite architects… count me in.

Theodosia for Thoroughbred Today | Equine Commercial Photography

I consider myself a student of life. Life is my teacher and I am it’s pupil learning as I go. Last month, I learned the powerful nature of resilience.

World Equestrian Games | Horse Show Photography

They call the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day “the best weekend all year”, but I think it might have been the best weekend yet.

Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event | Horse Show Photography

A decade of dreaming come true in the form of a filly, my little Leggo My Egglow.

Waffle | Foal Portrait Photography

I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but Monaco is really really cool horse and I’m so grateful for this community.

Monaco Jullyen V | Equine Product Photography

Each year, the sport horse world relocates to Wellington, Florida for three wonderful weeks in the sunshine

Wellington Equestrian Festival | Horse Show Photography