Horse Girl


Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with horses - and honestly, I still am. I have spent years developing my unique photography style which combines an eye for design and my extensive experience in marketing.

When I am not sharing visual stories, my husband and I are hobby farming on our little slice of Heaven on the Ogden Acres near Fort Worth, TX.

I am honored you are here, so thank you for your interest.



I name my pets after food.

Funny animal names always make me giggle and I am passionate about snacking... so it just kind of happened. 


I am married to my best friend, Evan Ogden.

Evan and I met while leading small groups at a church in Austin. He is a public relations professional who is incredibly talented at writing songs, but even more skilled at making me laugh.


I studied Youth Development at Texas A&M.

I firmly believe in the power of horses to help us heal. My life goal is to start a therapy program that helps kids by pairing them with horses.


I am a homebody who travels a lot.

Yeah, it's confusing. I love that I get to explore the world and meet new people, but I really love coming home to my house.


Long conversations on a road trip, stories of times past or imaginary worlds, and music have always captivated me. As my craft began to develop, I find myself inspired more and more by the cinematography of movies and music videos. Photography has become this happy place where my right and left brain combine forces to capture visually-interesting and technically-correct moments in time. Marketing is the perfect blend of my creativity and analytical thinking.

I grew up in the suburbs in a family with zero connection to horses. However, I got to them as soon as I could and now they are my entire world. Before there was an actual horse, there was an imaginary one that took all my attention. Remembering those youthful horse-crazed days deepen my appreciation for this life and the hard-working people I have met along the way. The bond shared between horses and humans inspires my art in every way.

So, why photography?

Let's work together.