The Road
Jess Traveled


Lexie rides her sorrel horse through a pond while smiling on a hot summer day.

This cowgirl has built a life surrounded by horses – from competing in rodeo and teaching young riders, to running a successful breeding and sale business.

Passion & Positivity: The Cowgirl Chronicles

Taylor Ribble was raised in the equine industry and never pictured herself apart from it. She was born in love with rodeo which led to chasing buckles and paychecks on the high school circuit in Wyoming for a short season and then at the college level for Colorado State University. “Horses saved me.” It wasn’t […]

In the Waiting: The Cowgirl Chronicles

Smiling girl stands next to her bay horse with a white stripe on her face in a dark barn isle.

This cowgirl had a mission to rescue the race horses her grandparents raised and now she is embarking on a quest to give them new jobs off the track.

Against All Odds: The Cowgirl Chronicles

Polo player rides away on her bay polo horse in a polo field with a mallet in hand

She was new to the industry, but didn’t let that hinder her efforts to become a full-blown horse girl. This is the story of a cowgirl showing up and putting in the work to pursue her passion.

Braving the New: The Cowgirl Chronicles