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In the Waiting: The Cowgirl Chronicles

Taylor Ribble was raised in the equine industry and never pictured herself apart from it. She was born in love with rodeo which led to chasing buckles and paychecks on the high school circuit in Wyoming for a short season and then at the college level for Colorado State University.

Horses saved me.

It wasn’t an easy road. In fact, there were times that she wanted to throw in that green vest and quit altogether. But the horses saved her. In those difficult moments, she would look at her horses watching her curiously over the fence. From the outside looking in, it appeared those horses needed her. But Taylor knew more than anything that she was the one who needed them. She quickly learned that if you have the courage to let them, horses truly can heal any wound.

Much like a run on a barrel horse that doesn’t go as planned, Taylor didn’t expect life to take her away from horses. However in 2017, she felt called to step back from the industry and focus on the new love of her life, her husband Dave. It was a tough choice, but Taylor put her faith in God’s hands who has big plans for her – with and without horses.

Cowgirls do whatever it takes for the good of the horse.

Initially, she thought she might fall out of love with horses. But in fact, it’s only grown her affinity for them. As an owner and breeder from 1,000 miles away, Taylor spends her time researching equine bloodlines that produce stellar prospects. It’s challenging to watch friends in the industry chase her dreams like purchasing land, horses, saddles, and the like while she builds hers in the Austin metropolitan area. But she’s learning how to celebrate the milestone of her friends and her horses with open hands while trusting in the Lord’s plan.

To Taylor, being a cowgirl is knowing sacrifice. Cowgirls do whatever it takes for the good of the horse. In this current chapter, that means pursuing her career and building her family. Being a cowgirl drains you and while stepping back from the industry for a moment, she is refueling so she can bring her full heart back into when God says it’s time. She knows without a doubt that her time waiting will be rewarded tenfold when she’s back in the saddle.

Know your why. You will want to quit and it’s the why that will keep you going.

It all comes back to knowing her why. For Taylor, it’s that lifelong love of winning on homegrown horses. Raising and training horses is a numbers and money game. There’s no double about it. But that why keeps her going. Whether they win that buckle or not, she loves bringing young horses along and she knows she will have a hell of a time along the ride.

Here’s to trusting in the journey while you wait and holding onto that why. Here’s to Taylor.

The Cowgirl Chronicles are a collection of photography essays celebrating the lifestyle of cowgirls and their adventures. If you have a cowgirl you’d like to nominate, want to share your own cowgirl story, or are interested in supporting this project, please contact Jessica here.

The Cowgirl Chronicles




In the Waiting: The Cowgirl Chronicles

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