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10 Equestrian Instagram Accounts Every Horse Girl Needs

Do you need more equestrian vibes on your Instagram feed? These are my top ten social media accounts you must follow – from one horse girl to another. It’s a mix of style, education, and design, but the common thread is powerful stories that reflect a shared love of horses. Enjoy!

Calling All Horse Girls


Emmie Strommen is the incredibly talented force behind this growing community of horse lovers from all walks of life. It’s an inclusive community of passionate people who believe in the power of the horse girl that is dedicated to celebrating and supporting the journey. Being an equestrian is fun. But it also isn’t easy. Knowing there are others in your corner celebrating and struggling along with you is the true superpower of this community. CAHG is a quarterly magazine, but it’s not just a magazine. It’s a work of art and I have had the honor of being featured within its beautiful pages twice now. Their feed is full of real talk, pretty pastels, equestrian vintage finds, powerful stories, style tips, and (of course) pretty ponies!

Annelle & James


Speaking of communities of horse girls, Lauren Annelle is building one over at Annelle & James. This creative wordsmith shares lines that will make any horse girl feel empowered, giggle or even tear up a little bit. In addition to her quick quotes, she hosts guest bloggers who highlight girls rocking their careers in the horse industry and more! I love seeing the daily words Lauren shares because they instantly tug at my horse girl heartstrings and I almost always instantly send it to a few of my fellow equestrians. 

Caroline Arendt


This professional horse girl is combining her love of all things horses and her social media marketing skills to share rural stories. Caroline and I met on Instagram a few years ago, which led to working together on some fun content, covering the 2019 AAEP Annual Convention in Denver, a shared love of red roans, and a lot of corgi spam. On her feed, you will find some witty chicken names, a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a freelancer, some great advocacy for agriculture and the beef industry, and what it looks like to grow your own hobby farm in the Arizona desert. I admire Caroline’s authenticity and how much her passion shines through the stories she shares!

Courtenay DeHoff


Courtenay is the heart behind the Fancy Lady Cowgirl movement storming the industry. She struggled for years living between the life of a television host dressed to the nines and a cowgirl who isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get dirty. Instead, she is now embracing how both make her stronger. Her message resonates so deeply with me and the growing herd of horse girls who feel like they don’t fall into a certain stereotype. I was so fortunate to attend Courtenay’s inaugural Fancy Lady Cowgirl event with Sarah J. Bohnenkamp a few weeks ago. Being able to sit in a room of women who resonate with that message was so empowering and I walked away with loads of motivation to own who I am — both in the horse industry and out of it. Follow along with Courtenay for some killer fashion, hilarious stories, the infamous #JoggerWatch, and educational advocacy for farmers and ranchers.

Ivan McClellan


I found Ivan’s work on Instagram a while back and he is now one of my favorite photographers. His art serves as a tribute to the American cowboy and what that life entails. I have always been drawn to the rawness of street photography and Ivan approaches the rodeo rails with that lens. One of my favorite aspects of his art is how he represents the American cowboy as a “fluid figure represented by many races, cultures, and genders”. Every time one of his images scrolls by on my feed, I am always forced to stop and take in the captivating lighting, colors, framing, and content of his photography.



Ranchlands is a conservation and ranching group in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming. They host guests at their dude ranches, Zapata Ranch and Chico Basin Ranch, and provide education to budding ranchers who are eager to learn to live with the land. Their feed is basically my dream life. You will find horses galloping across sand dunes, handmade items from their mercantile, and all things conversation of animals and grasses in the region. Their images will captivate you, beg you to visit their ranch and look at the Earth a little differently.

Hart Equestrian


Hart Equestrian has quickly become one of my favorite feeds because it combines equestrian life with design. They curate a collection of images that will inspire you to decorate any space with some beautiful equestrian-inspired finds. Hart Equestrian has created an online shop full of thoughtfully designed gifts and decor for the equestrian home. From art prints and antiques to textiles, you are bound to ooh and ahh over all the items in their shop.

Cowgirl Cait


I had the pleasure of meeting this cowgirl at the Inaugural Fancy Lady Cowgirl event a few weeks ago and we instantly connected over horses and the therapy they can be to so many types of people. She is a horse girl through and through. This cowgirl runs Corral West Horse Adventures which advocates for rescuing horses from dire situations to give them loving homes. Follow along with her for beautiful photography, cowgirl fashion, products all horse girls need, and life in general as a horse-loving entrepreneur. 

Justina Reinhart


This commercial equestrian and product photographer is based out of Ontario and creates some of the most stellar images out there. I have always been able to tell that Justina is extremely thoughtful in her framing and lighting. However, recently I learned just how much intention she places in the concept behind her images. She recently released a campaign called Art For All where she sent a set of small prints out and I was fortunate enough to get on that list. When I received my print, it came with a card that explained how she built the image so I am now an even bigger fan of her work! You will find beautifully crafted images of equestrian products that will leave you in awe.

Blackburn Architects


These architects design barns straight out of the dream of every horse girl. Their structures focus on ventilation and the movement of air which leads to masterfully crafted rafters that draw you in. The design down to the details of shutters, chandeliers, framing, and fencing helps the entire barn oozes functional equestrian style. Best of all, they advocate for green practices in building and living so these equestrian barns and arenas are Earth-friendly.





10 Equestrian Instagram Accounts Every Horse Girl Needs

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