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Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event | Horse Show Photography

They call the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day “the best weekend all year”, but I think it might have been the best weekend yet. The sun was out, the stands were full, the hooves were thundering, the shutter was clicking away. It was a magical weekend for too many reasons to count.

Three-day eventing always leaves me breathless – even as a spectator. It is three distinct types of riding that epitomize the relationship of horse and rider – it takes a special bond to go from the finesse and precision of Dressage, to the exhilaration and stamina of Cross Country, to the speed and technique of Jumping. On Friday, I watched the duo complete their Dressage routines with their own unique flair. On Saturday, I felt the ground tremble as the partners galloped between the Cross Country jumps. On Sunday, I let the shutter fly as they soared over the Jumping rails. The horses and their riders utterly astound me.

Coming up on three years with Protequus®, it is impossible to classify the emotions felt while seeing all our hard work finally coming to fruition. Through this time, I have learned a fair share of lessons about horses and the people who love them. If you work in the equestrian field or if you own a horse, you know that it is hard work. Hard, but rewarding work. I find that the people by whom I am surrounded make the reward oh so sweet. Through the weeks on the road, the NIGHTWATCH® team, fellow vendors, partners, associations, clients, and riders have become cherished friends. Friends who understand the ups and the downs of this crazy lifestyle, but share one strong thing: the love of the horse. The horse who was this uncanny way of making us family.





Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event | Horse Show Photography