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Waffle | Foal Portrait Photography

Ladybug is my heart horse. She is my once-in-a-lifetime horse. She has her forever home. After having to retire her at a young age due to injuries, I have always dreamed of the day I would get to breed her and raise her baby. Last year, I knew it was time to start making that dream a reality. After extensive trips to and from the vet, we had a little miracle baby confirmed. Eleven long and impatient months later, we were graced with a healthy and beautiful filly just before midnight on March 15th (exactly 11 months from her conception).

Meet Waffle (Leggo My Egglow, Tiny Glow x HP Dash Ta Fiesta), the perfect copy and paste of her mother. She is brave and playful and loves to show off her racing bloodlines. She thinks dogs are meant to play with since they are roughly her size. She has the sassiness to pin her ears and kick at her mother if she tries to walk away from her while trying to get a snack. She is tall and perfectly patterned. She is a decade of hard work and relentless dreaming. She is evidence that miracles do happen if you believe in them. She is everything I hoped for and more.

I am so excited to see where life will take us and who we will both be in a few years.





Waffle | Foal Portrait Photography