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Monaco Jullyen V | Equine Product Photography

Two years ago, I attended the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show for the first time. Since then, I have always been transfixed by the bay Western Pleasure stallion, Monaco Jullyen V. He is the kind of horse that demands attention in the show ring and leaves an impression on you.

Fast forward to Scottsdale 2018 and I find myself holding onto Monaco’s playful tongue as he is being prepped for a photoshoot. It was a quick shoot because he gave me his ears, he stood still, and he was respectful yet playful. The images came out stunning. I was not surprised.

What I loved most about capturing Monaco, was the team of people who helped me keep his attention during the shoot. They were all transfixed on him, just as I was the first time I saw him. They each stood back and just beamed with adoration for the animal as they watched him “show off” in front of the camera. The saying that “it takes a village” rings especially true. Each of them plays a vital role in supporting Monaco and his show career. They are a family of people intertwined with each other by the love for this horse.

The power of horses to connect people continually astounds me.






Monaco Jullyen V | Equine Product Photography